The New York Time heralds "The Dawn of the Digital Docent," as museums turn to technology to "offer new ways of engaging younger visitors in art, science and history.”

This is a new way to experience museums. This is Gretel.

The advance of mobile technology has created a demand for interactivity and instant gratification. With information at our fingertips and in our pockets, technology can expand the way we interact and engage in museums. If you could enhance your visitors' experience to be something enriched, engaging, intuitive, memorable and sharable, why wouldn’t you? Gretel gives visitors the ability to personalize their own museum experience, so they can interact with their environment on a whole new level that is truly meaningful and resonant.

As the museum, you have complete control to manage and insert your own content to correspond with as many of your installations as you choose—whether permanent or transitional.

It’s simple to get started. We provide the beacons and beacon support, develop your mobile app, and provide ongoing access to insightful analytics about how your visitors engage with your museum. Gretel can align your museum experience with the way your guests are engaging with the rest of the world.