How it works.

A beacon is a small, inexpensive, low–maintenance, low–energy transmitter that communicates with the visitor’s bluetooth–enabled mobile device. Each beacon can be programmed to deliver specific, relevant rich streams of media content; such as, video, audio, images or copy, to supplement and enhance the environment guests are navigating through. Beacons can be attached to any location or object, but the mobile device is the key to unlocking contextual awareness. Gretel extracts a multitude of the beacons' features to deliver experiences and user insights that truly stand out.


We've developed a specific format that is meant to remove the common annoyances found in pushed–content applications. This elegant form of content delivery allows for the delivery of a suite of location–relevant content without constant beeps and buzzing. Guests can be alerted of new available content and then explore their unlocked content at their own pace in the gallery or elsewhere.


Beacon technology enables more reliable and intuitive options for indoor maps and wayfinding. Gretel can triangulate your positioning in the environment, show you where you are on an interactive map, and point you toward your destination, providing useful information along the way.


Want to upload a walking audio tour of a new exhibit? Easy. Want to do it in French? And then in Chinese, and also Korean? Piece of cake. Localization is possible even when you need to support double byte languages. 


Beacon placement doesn't mean static content. Depending on your institution's needs or an installation's relation to its surroundings, Gretel's Content Management System (CMS) enables flexibility in content delivery based on time, day and numerous other determining factors. Depending on the content and opportunity, there truly is a way to delight guests in different ways during each and every visit.


In addition to delivering supplemental media content, Gretel brings a whole new dimension to treasure hunting. When you encourage users to “discover” and unlock exclusive content, special offers, and fascinating facts, you make exploring the space rewarding, engaging, and fun.

Absolutely Secure.

We consider security to be an integral component of Gretel, that's why we offer two layers of security. For more information on our technological specifications, click here.